May 26, 2020

Small Medium Business Marketing Strategies That Will Work For You

Small businesses always have a lot to deal with than well-established businesses when it comes to marketing.

Starting out a business can be quite a challenge. Whether you are a large or a small company, you will be faced with difficulties. But if you are a small business, then those challenges are heightened. Shortages in the budget, time, or manpower are a few challenges you might face.

You can deal with these ups and downs and scale heights in your business if you utilize SMB marketing.

SMB marketing refers to the means by which small and medium-sized companies market their products. They achieve this using a conservative budget, as well as a low-cost medium to convert and get sales. You can push your brand and yet save. Some of these strategies include:

  • Setting a Goal and a Budget: In order to market your business the right way, you need to set a goal.  The vision of your business needs to be clear. The primary SMB marketing strategy is to set the right goal and a reasonable budget.

What are your business aims? Are you looking to expand your company’s reach, do you want to create more awareness for your brand?

As you set the goals you want to accomplish, you also need to consider your budget. Your budget needs to be in sync with what your goals are. In the same vein, it must be realistic and practical.

You can have several goals but prioritizing these goals is really important as it would help you to better track your growth. Ask yourself Which goal matches your most pressing need? Identify that and focus on it first. Then you can make plans to achieve the long-term goals that you consider to be the most important for your business.

  • Maximize Google’s Local Offerings: Google is the largest search engine available, it has a lot to offer small and medium-sized businesses. Having an online presence is a big boost to any SMB, google is one of the platforms you can use. Every business found online grows 40% faster than businesses without an online presence.


A Google My Business account comes in handy for an SMB. This account is an effective tool for local businesses that target local clients. Using a Google My Business account, you can take control of the information about your business such as an address, phone number, website, and hours of operation.

Google My Business also helps you to combine all your Google platforms, such as your Google reviews, Google Maps profile, and many more. Your business is guaranteed of credibility and visibility to consumers when you use Google My Business account.

  • Choose The Top Social Media Channels To Focus On: If you are an SMB and you don’t have enough staff, keeping up with all your social media channels all the same time will be difficult.  You might have to choose just one to three social media channels to focus on.  You can start by analyzing your overall presence on social media. One of which includes channels with the highest number of engagements. 

Once you have decided on the social media platforms you want to use, then you can focus on the possible tools that you can use. 

  • Content Marketing: Content marketing can help you achieve your long-term goals. So if you have a long-term vision for your business, then this is the perfect SMB marketing strategy for you. It is important that you create content that is 
  1. Valuable
  2. Relevant
  3. Consistent

After creating great content, you must ensure to distribute it to your target audience with the intention of it leading to sales. This is not limited to written content or blog posts. It can include several different types of content, such as videos, podcasts, etc.

This strategy requires a lot of patience, It would be preferable if you have some extra resources assigned to it just to make sure that you produce qualitative content.

An additional benefit of these videos is the fact that you can share and promote them on multiple social media platforms.

  • Email Marketing:  This SMB marketing strategy helps you establish a connection with your target audience and foster loyalty. You get the opportunity to send mail to your customers once they have provided you with their email addresses.

The fact that they provide their email addresses provides you with an opportunity to send them notifications. Other than notifications, you can decide to send them newsletters weekly or bi-weekly. 

You can build loyalty and engagement through those emails by ensuring that your email marketing efforts are mobile-friendly and optimized. 

  • Blogging:  Utilize the blogging scene by starting a company blog where you can show just how great your product or service is. 

You can also share your success stories on your blogs such as telling your audience if your company hit a milestone or is about to hit one. You can also announce future and completed projects along with your vision for the future.

Update your blog with useful information that is capable of attracting your audience’s interest and attention. Aside from making sure that you only provide quality content, you also need to be consistent. Ensure you are consistently providing your customers with quality content.

You can keep your audience informed and connect to you If you get a new blog post out at least once a week. It will help your audience if they know when they can expect a new blog post from you.

  • SEO:  Search Engine Optimization can be a great asset to your SMB marketing strategy. It enables your website rank on Google for certain keywords. Keywords are the words and phrases people lookup on Google.

SEO is a long term strategy that comes in handy when SMBs want to establish themselves within their industry. Your product or service shows up when someone searches something on Google that’s relevant to what you do.

SMBs who have little or no advertising budget can make use of SEO to optimize their website to beat big-spending competitors in the organic rankings. Also, consumers are usually confident to patronize the first few organic search engine results on Google just simply but Google ranks them first.

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