May 18, 2020


1. Identify Your Target Audience and their needs: Being aware of who your audiences are is a step in the right direction. Most content marketers utilize the field of dream approach in creating content. Great content would definitely attract an audience, however, you have no guarantee that those content would attract the best audiences.

The importance of knowing your audience cannot be overemphasized, it enables you to create the right content for the right audience. It also helps you to write content that shows you are a force to be reckoned with in your industry.

How To Understand Your Target Market
Wondering how you can understand your target market? Start by asking the following questions.

What problem does my company’s product or service solve? Every product or service exists to solve certain problems. You have to be well-informed and have an understanding of your company’s product or service. Therefore, your content should be related to that purpose and any other irrelevant information should not be added to your content marketing.

Who are your existing customers? Knowing your current customer is quite important, you can ask your company’s executives or sales teams for this information. You may also need to segment your types of customers in terms of their location, needs, or budgets.

Who are your competitors? It is quite easy to know your company’s competitors once you are aware of your company’s product or the services they render, you would know who their competition is. Social media can also serve as an eye-opener to reveal upstart competition you may not have been aware of.

What do your customers benefit when they choose you? Your target audience is usually faced with choosing between you and your competitors. What is the added advantage when they choose you? Is there something you do better than anyone of your competitors?

By the time you answer the above questions, you would have an understanding of who your target audience is.

2. Include Personalized Feature in Your Content: As a content marketer you must try to infuse personalized features into your content, this works magic every time. Websites such as Netflix, Amazon, and Spotify, brands have been using personalized features to keep customers engaged and loyal.

You can infuse personalization into your content marketing by using these tips:

  • Landing page form: You can utilize the landing page to get the contact information of your audience. This is done in order to deliver personalized content.
  • Monitor behavior: As visitors come on your page, you have to monitor their behaviors such as website behavior, email engagement, and their purchase behavior.
  • Engage with polls or quizzes: Create polls or quizzes that engage your audience, let it be related to their preferences, tastes, and beliefs. The result of these polls or quizzes would be used in you in your content personalization strategies.

3. Add Credibility To Your Content: Any content backed up with facts is always taken seriously. You must ensure that your content is credible and accurate. A content marketer has to collate data with all its sufficient information.

You get data for your content from influencers (bookmarks posts) and also from google alerts (google will email you with every news you are following).

4. Establish Your Key Performance Indicators: This will help you double-check if you have achieved any of your set goals. This includes what you plan to achieve in terms of revenue, sales, traffic, SEO, traffic, and other aspects of digital marketing such as email marketing and social media metrics.

This will require you to attach specific numbers to your KPI’s. For instance, you might want to:

  • Earn a certain revenue monthly, quarterly, or yearly.
  • Get an increased number of new email subscribers
  • Drive more traffic on your site and in engagement with your content
  • Enhance the search ranking of some of your key pages to help boost traffic
  • Get an increased number of mentions, shares, and comments for your pillar content

Also, pay adequate attention to marketing expenditure, your spendings campaigns, as well as the cost of acquiring leads and making sales.

5. Use Catchy And Compelling Headlines: Writing compelling and catchy headlines is vital in the world of content. Most visitors on sites are usually eager to just scroll through the site and get it over with, but you must try to trap them with a killer headline. Ensure you use a font size that is readable to your audience.

6. Be Consistent With Your Content: Aside from writing credible content with sufficient data, you must try to keep up a consistent publishing schedule. You can utilize a publishing calendar in order to ensure you don’t slack in terms of writing content regularly.

You also benefit from:

  • Search engines visit your website
  • Get more visits from your newsletter
  • Get more visits from social media
  • Keep your consistent visitors happy

7. Use Trending Hashtags In Your Industry: As a content marketer while creating content you need to take out time to search for relevant topics and trending hashtags. You must include these hashtags in every of your content.

Hashtags are essential especially those used by your competitors on social media, do not ignore them. You can devise a content strategy when you know what your competitors are up to.

8. Promote Your Content: After publishing content, you must endeavor to promote your content so as to get the desired attention it deserves. Do not expect your customers to go through the rigorous exercise of searching for your content online.

Social media is an effective tool that helps in promoting content, you get fast and immediate results. You can also use email and RSS to promote your content.


9. Publish Shareable Content: In order to give your audiences maximum satisfaction from your content, you need to know what appeals to them. You can search social media to find out what kind of content people like.

These are a few ideas for shareable content that are suitable for all industries:

  • Top 10 lists…
  • Best-of lists…
  • How to …
  • 10 ways to…
  • Most popular ways…
  • Best tips for…

10. Optimize Contents For Conversion: The main aim of every content is to increase conversions. Conversions can mean different things such as getting email subscribers, to banner ad clicks, to more product sales.

If your content is not yielding positive results then you need to change your content strategy and think of other mediums to produce and promote content.

The tussle to attract customers’ attention is real because of the presence of a number of competitors in every industry.

Before creating your content analyze what type of content comes in the top positions by searching Google, Facebook, Twitter, or any other network that is closer to your target audience.


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